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Month: December 2023

Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries

Image source shared under Creative Commons 3.0

The following is part of a “shared storytelling event” over at I Saw Lightning Fall Advents Ghosts 2023. We were tasked to write a scary story of exactly 100 words in length. This came to me after watching an episode of Doctor Who where the Doctor travelled to the edge of the Universe. I don’t think this story is actually scary though the unknown can sure be known to unsettle.

Unsolved Mysteries

What celestial phenomenon called the Magi to Bethlehem?

Let’s imagine, as the story has been told, a star. One of 4,000 visible in a clear night sky.

Posit each of those stars has nine planets, 36,000 potential Earths, all these planets forming and evolving in their own time.

Has the Christmas story happened countless times across the vast Universe?

Would Jesus have been sent to save our extra-terrestrial neighbors from their sin?

Perhaps somewhere the apple was never eaten, and our Heavenly counterparts observe our lives like reality tv.

Are we alone and special?

Is there comfort in the mystery?