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Great Article About Jersey Jack Pinball

Great Article About Jersey Jack Pinball

I’ve always been into arcade games. I grew up in exactly the right time, I suppose. I played me a LOT of Star Wars The Arcade Game back in the day. In fact, one of my dreams was to one day own an arcade machine, like Ricky Schroeder in Silver Spoons. A few years back, I accomplished that dream.

Of course, the funny thing about dreams is you accomplish one, and then you think of another. Or at least this is what I do. So I’ve now moved on to being obsessed with pinball machines. I don’t have one. Yet.

This all leads into two pretty cool articles today. One is about Jersey Jack Pinball, a new pinball company on the scene that is just about to release their first game, the gorgeous looking Wizard Of Oz Pinball.

This second article is about various pinball areas in and around New York City. Another reason to live in New York City.