Ghosts (A 100 Word Story)

Ghosts (A 100 Word Story)

The following is part of a “shared storytelling event” over at I Saw Lightning Fall . We were tasked to write a scary story of exactly 100 words in length. This is my attempt.


It’s the feeling on the back of your neck when you’re alone in a darkened room. Are you really alone?

The voice in the back of your mind. Did you leave on the stove?

The prickle at your ear. Are they laughing about you?

The drive through the rural forest on a cold autumn night, the trees branches casting their shadows in your rear view. Do they not resemble long skeletal fingers reaching for you?

That headache you’ve nightly endured these past many months. Didn’t your favorite aunt have brain cancer?

Ghosts are real my friend. Oh yes they are.

Why Venus Makes More Sense Than Mars

Why Venus Makes More Sense Than Mars

I came across this article a few weeks ago and highly recommend it. It makes the case for Venus rather than Mars being the place humans should look to at least temporarily colonize. Yes we would have to live up above the clouds and never actually be exposed to the Venus air, but that is basically what we would have to do on Mars as well, just on the ground.

Anyway, it is worth a read. Personally, I don’t think I’d be first in line to move to either place.

Screw the Mars hype. Here’s why we should move to Venus. Annalee Newitz

Source: Screw the Mars hype. Here’s why we should move to Venus. – The Hypothesis

Musicians on Musicians: Taylor Swift & Paul McCartney – Rolling Stone

Musicians on Musicians: Taylor Swift & Paul McCartney – Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone just published an excellent long-form conversation between Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney about music, song writing, and just life. This one is well worth anybody’s time to read.

Taylor Swift arrived early to Paul McCartney’s London office in October, “mask on, brimming with excitement.” “I mostly work from home these days,” she writes about that day, “and today feels like a rare school field trip that you actually want to go on.”

Source: Musicians on Musicians: Taylor Swift & Paul McCartney – Rolling Stone

I’m Tired Of Thinking About The President

I’m Tired Of Thinking About The President

Let me say up front what I’m about to type for sure comes from a position of privilege. There are groups of people that are so under threat that they have never been in a place where they could just not think about “politics”.

That said, I’m tired of thinking about the President of the United States every day. I’m tired of worrying about what marginalized group he has decided to attack that day. I’m tired of reading about what environmental regulation he has decided to roll back in the name of business without any evidence given that would show this deregulation would help anyone other than shareholders of the polluting company that lobbied for this.

I’m tired of reading his bumbling tweets fed from whatever issue he saw on Fox News that morning. I’m tired hearing about whatever racist chant that happened at on of his “rallies”. I’m tired of him claiming to be the most Christian and least racist person ever, while doing the opposite. I’m just tired man.

Give me a boring President. Somebody that will just do what is best for the people of this country without making it a grudge against somebody else. Give me somebody that will do the right thing.

We really shouldn’t have to worry about the President this much. We should always keep an eye on them, yep, but for the most part they are there to “make sure that all U.S. laws are carried out and that the federal government is run effectively.” Just be a typical boss that hires the right people based on real merit and lets those people do what they do best. And get out of the way.

I want a boring President. Actually, I’d like a competent one.