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The Love of Comic Books

The Love of Comic Books


Thursday night I introduced my 7 year old daughter to the Powerpuff Girls television show on Netflix.  Later that night I remembered I had, back in the day, bought a ton of the Powerpuff comic books for my wife. 

Saturday morning I went up to the attic to see what I could find. I wound up bringing down 60 or so issues. I figured they would entertain her for a good while.  Well, it is now Sunday night and she had read every single issue. 

So yeah,my girl likes comics add much add I did as a kid. I could not be happier.

How NOT To Wake Up In The Morning

How NOT To Wake Up In The Morning

About two weeks ago, I had a really rough time at my ice hockey game. It was 6:30 on a Saturday morning, and I was tired, and we were coming off a two week hiatus due to Penn State Spring Break (we have a lot of students in the league and therefore wouldn’t have much players while they are gone). Anyway, those are my excuses. It felt like I was wearing two left skates that game. I fell numerous times for no reason, which doesn’t happen to me anymore. I also took a pretty good check near the front of the net, which resulted in a penalty for the other team. By the end of the night, my back was wrecked.

And it was sore for the next week or so, sore in a way it never has been before. It was pretty rough, to be honest.

Last week, I was sick most of the week and so was my son (4 years old). We did a lot of laying around. That sucked, but it gave my back some time to heal. In fact, I would say by yesterday it was back to normal. And then this morning happened.

So, my son hasn’t been sleeping well because his nose is all stuffy and he can’t kick his fever. So every hour or so he’ll meander over to our room and ask for me. Always me. There’s no real reason why he wants me, I mean our daughter always asks for he mum. It’s just what they do. He asks for me, I place him in his bed, and once it seems he’s asleep, I go back to my room. So, the past few nights I’ve been waking every hour, just as I’m about to fall asleep. I might as well have a newborn.

This is how things went last night until around 5:30 AM, at which point I put the kid in the bed with us and then once I knew he was asleep I snuck to his room, hoping for what would in all honesty be a power nap. In the other room, my alarm was set for 6:45 AM so I could wake for work.

That hour of sleep was glorious. I settled into a nice, deep rest. I couldn’t tell you what I dreamt of, but I do know I was in a deep enough sleep to hit REM.

Then the alarm went off.

What happened next would make a great slapstick comedy scene in a Tim Allen movie. Exhausted, schlubby old Dad, rapidly flips over to switch off the alarm, only to send himself airborne, face-first to the floor. Dad lands on his face/left hand and tweaks his just-healed sore back. This will be HILARIOUS in the movie version. The real-life version isn’t as funny, although I appreciated the blog post material.

So yeah, sore and tired today. It could be worse, though. In the Tim Allen version, I’m sure the poor toolman would’ve landed on a toy on the floor and injured his wang.

Mom Heart Pregnant With Baby Heart

Mom Heart Pregnant With Baby Heart

My daughter is home sick with strep throat and everyone else isn’t feeling well, either. And so, I’m home with them. Not much time to mess around here.

Instead, I thought I’d post a drawing my daughter made yesterday in the doctor’s office waiting room. I think it’s pretty adorable. Mom heart is pregnant with baby heart.

On second look, it tells a story. In the top, the heart is pregnant. The bottom right features the happy Mother and Daughter heart.