My name is Paul Liadis. I’m nearly 99% sure of this. The rest of the stuff about me, I’m still figuring out.

I do know these things, however. I’m a dad of two kids. A husband to one wife. I work full-time as a computer programmer, database administrator, web site administrator, and an attender of meetings. I enjoy some of these things.

I’m also a writer. I’m currently working on a novel that half the time I’ve convinced myself is total garbage and the other half of the time convinced that it’s pretty good. I hope the truth is somewhere in the middle.

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        1. Same (Princess Bride). My kids also watched Bill and Ted with me. Been meaning to shop them Bogus Journey. My Dad and I made my mom and sister rent and watch Bill and Ted like every weekend.

          1. LOL we had B&T recorded on VHS off cable. I might have watched it a few times. I thought it was an epic way to learn history. We haven’t don’t Bogus Journey yet, either. 🙂

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