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Recommended Podcast – Thrilling Adventure Hour

Recommended Podcast – Thrilling Adventure Hour

Are any of you out there into podcasts? In the past year, I’ve gotten into listening to podcasts on my way to work, having realized terrestrial radio is abysmal and satellite radio is not much better. Here’s a list of my “regulars”:

  1. Nerdist Podcast
  2. The J.V. Club
  3. Star Talk Radio
  4. The Thrilling Adventure Hour

The one that I want to talk about today is the last one, The Thrilling Adventure Hour. Rather than try to explain it myself, here is an apt description from The Hollywood Reporter:

A sci-fi stage show in the style of old-time radio is how Acker and Blacker describe The Thrilling Adventure Hour. Actors, dressed to the nines in suits and gowns, get onstage and perform in front of microphones working from scripts they’re still holding in their hands, like the Mercury Theatre of old. Except this show is all about comedy of the geekiest variety. Every genre-laden hourlong show is divided into three segments. Some are ongoing serials — like the space Western Sparks Nevada: Marshall on Mars and Beyond Belief, which is basically Nick and Nora Charles’ drunken adventures with the supernatural — while others are whatever fresh madness tickles Acker and Blacker at the moment. (A recent show introduced the Algonquin Four; basically, Dorothy Parker’s coterie if they’d been bombarded with space radiation and turned into superheroic freaks, a la the Fantastic Four.) Each of those segments is punctuated by live advertisements for Adventure Hour’s retro-fictional sponsors, WorkJuice Coffee and Patriot Brand Cigarettes.

I like the Thrilling Adventure Hour segment Beyond Belief but I less than sign 3 Sparks Nevada: Marshall on Mars. Especially when Nathan Fillion appears, playing the part of Cactoid Jim. For just a taste of how awesome this is, here is Cactoid Jim’s theme song: The Ballad of Cactoid Jim.

What I’m saying is you should check it out. You can go to the link way above and listen on your computer of download from iTunes. Either way, give it a chance. It’s old-timey, funny goodness.