Mom Heart Pregnant With Baby Heart

Mom Heart Pregnant With Baby Heart

My daughter is home sick with strep throat and everyone else isn’t feeling well, either. And so, I’m home with them. Not much time to mess around here.

Instead, I thought I’d post a drawing my daughter made yesterday in the doctor’s office waiting room. I think it’s pretty adorable. Mom heart is pregnant with baby heart.

On second look, it tells a story. In the top, the heart is pregnant. The bottom right features the happy Mother and Daughter heart.


6 thoughts on “Mom Heart Pregnant With Baby Heart

  1. Very sweet. Your daughter’s a jewel.

    I love the way kids’ brains work. And I love how free they are with their creativity and feelings. I don’t know about you, but I never want to throw a drawing away.

  2. Ah, Paul, this is cute. Even when she wasn’t feeling well. She must have seen a few babies at the pediatrician’s office. Plus, she saw the pediatrician you had. Neat all around but sad that she isn’t feeling well. Feel better, Emma, Tristan, Liz and Paul. Love from us.

  3. This is so very, very sweet. And it’s true, also, isn’t it? I hope you’re keeping all these… I have tons of them and can’t throw away a single one.
    I’m sorry you’re sick. Get well soon! Spring is here!

    1. Vesper – we keep them for a while, but I scan a lot of them so we have digital copies. We also display the “featured” art of the week on the refrigerator.

  4. Yeah, I love how their brains work too. I could never throw any of the drawings away, so my wife has to do it!

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