BMO, Jake, and Finn – Adventure Time

BMO, Jake, and Finn – Adventure Time

BMO, Jake, and Finn drawn by my 6 year old daughter.

This is what I mean when I say my daughter is a better artist than me. I love everything about it, but I especially love the little details. She told us after she drew it that she drew Finn with only one sock because BMO is holding the other one. This is, of course, inspired by the episode BMO Noire.

3 thoughts on “BMO, Jake, and Finn – Adventure Time

  1. Kids are like that. My youngest daughter always puts some very interesting, never thought of details in her drawings.
    So you’re both fans of Adventure Time! Great drawing! 🙂

    1. We’re both fans for sure. It’s a show I watch with them, though, and I fast-forward through any really weird parts.

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