Millenials Aren’t Lazy by Matt Bors

Millenials Aren’t Lazy by Matt Bors

I feel extremely fortunate to have graduated from college and landed my job when I did. It always gets me when the pundits talk about how the “economy” is growing because the stock market is doing well. Maybe so, but that growth certainly isn’t “trickling down” very far.

This article is worth a look.

Maligned as a bunch of shiftless, tech-addled children raised to think they’d all get trophies, Millennials are trying to build careers out of the ruins of a job market. Amid a group that’s supposed to be a bunch of entitled kids, all I see around me are young people juggling multiple jobs and unpaid internships while trying to blot their trigger warning! student debt from their minds.

via Millenials Aren’t Lazy: They’re Fucked | Matt Bors.

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