The Love of Comic Books

The Love of Comic Books


Thursday night I introduced my 7 year old daughter to the Powerpuff Girls television show on Netflix.  Later that night I remembered I had, back in the day, bought a ton of the Powerpuff comic books for my wife. 

Saturday morning I went up to the attic to see what I could find. I wound up bringing down 60 or so issues. I figured they would entertain her for a good while.  Well, it is now Sunday night and she had read every single issue. 

So yeah,my girl likes comics add much add I did as a kid. I could not be happier.

3 thoughts on “The Love of Comic Books

  1. Thanks Sarah. My biggest challenge is finding comics for her to read that are interesting but not overly violent. So, not much in the way of superheroes. She likes reading Adventure Time and My Little Pony So Far.

  2. 🙂 My 17 year old son watches my little pony. 7! Wow other people’s kids grow up so fast. It is awesome that you share interests. My husband can’t believe that his son isn’t interested in skateboarding or punk rock. He was all set to be considered a cool dad..ha ha.

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