To Scale: The Solar System

To Scale: The Solar System

The drawings we’ve seen all our lives of the solar system are not to scale. Things are much more spread out than our Styrofoam-ball dioramas would have us to believe. Here is a video that truly shows the scale of our home inside the Milky Way.

2 thoughts on “To Scale: The Solar System

  1. I remember a similar video, and how I was hopelessly looking for a similar picture I could use on the blog one of the times 😀 (failed to find it..) This looks so much prettier than the old one I saw 🙂 it truly is baffling when you look at it like that, isn’t it.

    1. Yeah, very much baffling and amazing. I try not to think about how insignificant we all are in the grand scheme of the Universe.

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