HeroQuest Board Game Is Back?

HeroQuest Board Game Is Back?

Holy crap. The classic HeroQuest boardgame from Hasbro is seemingly coming back. They haven’t said they are republishing the game, but that’s what I’m hoping.

My friend got HeroQuest one Christmas and we all immediately fell in love with it. My character of choice was always the Dwarf. He didn’t have the magic powers of the wizard and didn’t have the attacking powers of the barbarian, but he was right there in the middle. I loved that guy so much I drew fan art of the dude. I’m sure I have that around here somewhere.

I also still have my copy of HeroQuest. After my friend got the game and we all fell in love with it, at least two others bought the game and the expansion packs.

I’ve played HeroQuest a few times with my kids and they both really enjoyed it. For us back in the day it was a nice introduction to role playing games without having to completely relying on our imaginations.

Now, they just need to bring back Battle Masters.

Key art recalls the classic expansion HeroQuest: Return of the Witch Lord

Source: The HeroQuest board game is back from the dead, with a new project from Hasbro – Polygon

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