Super Mario Bros. 35 – Play This Game

Super Mario Bros. 35 – Play This Game

So Super Mario Bros. 35 came out on October 1st. For those that don’t know what this game is, this is from wikipedia:

Thirty-five players simultaneously play through separate platforming levels styled after the original Super Mario Bros., collecting coins and defeating enemies, while simultaneously trying to survive and also sending obstacles and hindrances to their opponents’ play fields. The last player still alive wins the match.[3] Similar to Tetris 99, players can either manually target their opponents or choose from four choices on the type of opponents to attack; players with the most coins, players with the least amount of time, players who attack the player themselves, or simply random players.[4]

There is an overall time limit counting down with players earning extra time by defeating enemies and completing levels. Collecting 20 coins allows players to unlock a Question Mark Block that randomly gifts players a power-up. In addition, outside of matches players earn coins based on their placing, which can be used to power-up Mario before starting each match. Players can also practice any level that they have cleared in the main game mode.

Anyhow, it’s a really fun game. And it’s a good one to just pickup and play and not nearly as rage inducing as say, FIFA. Or maybe I’ve just been preparing myself for this game for 35 years.

As far as strategy goes, if you want to play it really safe and OP item in the game is definitely the fire flower. If you have that you can just keep all enemies at a distance and send them to your opponents. The only way you can die then is falling off things.

However, if you kill enemies by jumping on them you get more time added to the clock than you do just blowing them away with fireballs. So a player is rewarded a bit with playing a more daring way.

So far my best showing in the game was 2nd place and I died in a really stupid way that time. I’ve placed top 5 a number of times. My goal for this weekend is definitely to place #1.

Anyway, if you have a Switch and Nintendo Online I recommend downloading this game. I really hope Nintendo changes their mind and doesn’t end gameplay On March 31, 2021.

Source: Super Mario Bros. 35 – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch – Bing video

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