Jogging Day 2

Jogging Day 2

Went out for my second jog today. I hit the wall almost immediately, at around the 3 minute mark of my run. I chalk this up to soreness from the previous day. I powered through it, though, winding up running for 28 minutes again but at a slightly quicker pace logging 3.1 miles. These numbers are educated guesses, however, as my “My Tracks” app seemed to have turned itself off in my pocket early in my run. I know my start and end times and mapped my path using Google Maps, though, so I think this is fairly accurate.

Here are today’s stats, calculated using Wolfram Alpha.



Tomorrow, Wednesday will be a walk day. I don’t want to do nothing, but I also don’t want to destroy my legs. Which by the way, my thighs and hamstrings are killing me. Maybe, for once, though, I won’t feel so terrible when the ice hockey season begins.

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