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Month: September 2020

Sheetz, Penn State University announce new partnership to help make college more affordable  

Sheetz, Penn State University announce new partnership to help make college more affordable  

Part of the reason I’m posting to this page is to share things I would have normally shared on Facebook but instead of adding to that machine am posting here. Seems a win-win here. Sheetz employees gain a nice little discount on higher education and this helps Penn State perhaps get some enrollments at campuses not in State College.

A new partnership between Penn State and the convenience store chain Sheetz will provide education benefits to the company’s employees, an initiative aimed at helping the employees complete their college degrees.

Source: Sheetz, University announce new partnership to help make college more affordable | Penn State University

HeroQuest Board Game Is Back?

HeroQuest Board Game Is Back?

Holy crap. The classic HeroQuest boardgame from Hasbro is seemingly coming back. They haven’t said they are republishing the game, but that’s what I’m hoping.

My friend got HeroQuest one Christmas and we all immediately fell in love with it. My character of choice was always the Dwarf. He didn’t have the magic powers of the wizard and didn’t have the attacking powers of the barbarian, but he was right there in the middle. I loved that guy so much I drew fan art of the dude. I’m sure I have that around here somewhere.

I also still have my copy of HeroQuest. After my friend got the game and we all fell in love with it, at least two others bought the game and the expansion packs.

I’ve played HeroQuest a few times with my kids and they both really enjoyed it. For us back in the day it was a nice introduction to role playing games without having to completely relying on our imaginations.

Now, they just need to bring back Battle Masters.

Key art recalls the classic expansion HeroQuest: Return of the Witch Lord

Source: The HeroQuest board game is back from the dead, with a new project from Hasbro – Polygon

A Perfect Opening Day for Fall Soccer

A Perfect Opening Day for Fall Soccer

My lineup for the first half of our game today

Our first game of the Fall season, and the first game for many of these kids in nearly a full calendar year, wound up a great success. Parents watching the game all seemed to keep at an appropriate social distance from each other and the kids played hard and had fun. And there were no injuries.

The game itself wound up in a tie, which I think is the best possible result. After all the way this season works is that we have 26 kids and we split them in different teams of 13 kids each week and them just play a game. A blowout game wouldn’t be fun for everybody. The icing on the cake was that my son scored a nice scorcher of a goal in the first half and generally moved the ball well.

For me it just felt nice to be out there with the kids, and doing my part to put them in places where they’ll have fun and be successful. The photo above is my attempt on paper for the first half to get kids as near equal playing time as possible. I think that went well too.

All in all it was a nice Saturday on the cusp of Autumn in Pennsylvania.