Putting On the Whistle One More Time

Putting On the Whistle One More Time

coach dribbling soccer ball with kids running alongside
Me coaching a few years ago

So, I’m coaching soccer again.

What with the global pandemic and all, things have changed everywhere in life, including youth sports. People are still a bit wary about things and so when we received sign-ups for our local soccer club our numbers were down a bit from years past. And there were just so many questions. So we decided to forego our usual travel soccer programs (travelling to other counties in Pennsylvania) and just do things in house as a club. Which means we needed more coaches.

So I’m coaching our U13 co-ed team. This was our first week, and it’s gone pretty good so far. It’s nice that a number of the kids in the program are ones I coached at the U8 level. They’ve all grown so much. And luckily they are right at the edge of still being young enough to be entertained by my corny jokes and general weirdness.

Our first game is tomorrow. Each week we are splitting up the 26 kids we have into 2 teams and then having them play against each other. No it won’t be like playing against kids from other towns, but hopefully it will still be fun and more importantly keep them progressing with their skills. And it gets me out in the nice Autumn air.

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